About Us

 Welcome to Lo’Rac Grandeur,

A place where guests can stop by and find splendor and impressive apparel that emphasizes on the lavish appearance of style. My goal is to make women feel chic and luxurious.  When a woman wears fashion from Lo'Rac Grandeur's boutique she will be brimming with self-assurance. As she enters a room she will make the atmosphere shift, her presence will be so striking that it will demand the attention from onlookers.  Every woman should feel this way and Lo'Rac Grandeur is the key to unlocking that confidence. 

Lo’Rac Grandeur was inspired by my late mother Carol, hence the name Lo’Rac spelled backwards (pronounced: Lo-Rock).  Carol was fashion-forward and very creative, so to honor her I opened a women's online clothing boutique to follow her fashion sense. 


Amanda Sidney - The Owner